Our Model


  • The THRIVE school utilizes small class sizes and innovative teaching by highly successful educators.
  • The THRIVE flexible residency program allows teachers to meet the individual learning needs of every student.
  • Extended learning day allows for targeted intervention with individual students.


THRIVE Boarding Program

  • The THRIVE boarding program focuses on creating independent young adults.
  • Students live in groups of 5 with one resident advisor.
  • Boarding life is highly structured, allowing students to feel secure in their surroundings andconcentrate on their education.
  • In the afternoons, students engage in a variety of physical activities, arts programs and tutoringsessions.
  • In the evenings, they work together to run their household, performing everyday activities such ascooking, cleaning, laundry and budgeting.
  • This combination of nurturing and responsibility helps develop the independence that is vital for breaking the cycle of poverty.