Our Mission


At THRIVE, we embrace the idea that all children can learn. THRIVE Academy is a free, college preparatory, charter boarding school for grades six through twelve in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, serving at-risk youth from East Baton Rouge Parish. The mission of THRIVE is to empower students from underserved Baton Rouge communities and prepare them academically and personally for success in college and beyond. All of our efforts to fulfill our mission are guided by our core values of Endurance, Compassion, Independence, Ownership and Partnership and are grounded in our beliefs that:

  • Education is the ultimate empowerment.
  • All children have the potential to be independent thinkers.
  • Education should nurture the whole child.
  • Children are resilient.
  • Children have the ability to stand up for themselves.
  • Children learn better when they are healthy, well rested, safe and secure.
  • The cycle of poverty can be broken by promoting independence and self-sufficiency


We seek to meet the physical, emotional and educational needs of our students and provide them with the tools that will empower them to advocate for themselves and make a lasting impact on the community. By creating an academically focused culture that is guided by high expectations, THRIVE will provide students with a learning experience that is challenging, rigorous and student-focused. Through a unique part-time residential program, we will provide a holistically nurturing environment where traditionally undeserved students are given the chance to thrive.